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Here's what people are saying about Alison Osborn


"Alison Osborn helped my husband and I through two safe and beautiful home births - our son Jake (now 13 years old) and daughter Yara (now 8 years old). Alison was recommended to me by a registered nurse with the OB/GYN practice that I had been using, and my doctor was supportive of my choice to give birth at home, with Alison in attendance. Alison's years of experience shone through as strength, patience, humor, and especially skill, during both labors. She created a safe and warm birth room, and at the end of the day left our new family happily nursing in a clean bed at our own home. She came to our house the next day, and again before the end of the week, to check on our progress and to answer our new parents' questions. I have since recommended Alison Osborn as a home birth midwife to my friends, and many of them have used her wonderful services with great success."

Elizabeth "Izzy" Martin (former Nevada County Supervisor)

"We were typically stressed, frantic, and medicalized professionals looking for a better way to have our children. Alison met us, understood us, and helped us give birth to two beautiful, healthy boys in our own home. We can't imagine having a child any other way."

Cathy (Attorney) and Ben (Computer Software Specialist), Parents of Evan, 12/25/99, and Noah, 10/14/03

"Alison attended our second baby in our home. She is a wonderful midwife, very wise and experienced and skilled. Alison truly honors mothers and babies and births. She helped me believe that my body was capable of perfectly growing and bearing my baby. The love and care she gave our family during my pregnancy, our daughter's birth, and the postpartum period was unquantifiable. Alison was an integral part of creating the birth experience we desired, one that allowed our daughter to be beautifully and respectfully born. I recommend her without reservation." Lisa (Professional Writer) and Wayde (Photographer)

Former Students:

"Alison has taught me midwifery and the profession of midwifery, how to set up a practice and also so much about parenting, relationships and how to be on the planet. I truly appreciate the advice, time and love she has given to me, the guidance and support, mentoring, mother, and sistering. She's a truly wise woman."

Cindy Foxfoot, Licensed Midwife

"Alison is someone I can count on for love, support, guidance, and general advice. I feel so good each day partly because of the foundation she has laid deep down inside of me. She is my inspiration and guide."

Susanne Rosenfeld, Licensed Midwife

"As a practicing licensed midwife, I look back on my training and learning and what stands out most is my apprenticeship with Alison Osborn. A knowledgeable, committed, and dynamic midwife, she taught me more about midwifery than any academic curriculum or clinical training program could have. I am proud to have trained with one of the founding midwife mothers in California, and continue to benefit from her generous guidance and wisdom."

Lara K. Sodergren, Licensed Midwife


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