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Midwifery Services

Services Provided

Alison's services include:

  • Monthly prenatal visits until 28 weeks
  • Bi-weekly prenatal visits until 36 weeks
  • Weekly prenatal visits until delivery
  • One in-home visit at 36 weeks
  • Birth-Labor to at least 2 hours postpartum
  • One, three and seven-day post birth visits in the home
  • Three and six week office visits

During the pregnancy, Alison monitors the mother's nutrition, weight gain, blood pressure and urine. She also monitors the baby's growth, position, and heart rate. There are two classes, at the 34 and 36 week appointments. Alison is always available to her clients and can be reached by phone or pager day or night. She works with a back-up midwife in the rare case she is unavailable. She is available to answer questions regarding normal care, breastfeeding, and herbal alternatives or additions to allopathic therapies indefinitely. Alison handles normal newborn care for the first 6 weeks postpartum. Clients may use a pediatrician, family practice doctor, or public health well-baby clinics as they desire.


(530) 477-1154